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Comparative Correlative - Definition and Examples

Near Correlative s In syntax, a near correlative is a minor sentence design containing two relating expressions or conditions, every one headed by the and communicating a similar: the X-er . . . the X-er or the X-er . . . the Y-er. The similar correlative is otherwise called the correlative development, the contingent relative, or the . . . the development. Syntactically, the relative correlative is a sort of combined development; logically, the near correlative is frequently (however not generally) a kind of parison. Regular Comparative Correlative Expressions The more noteworthy the hazard, the more prominent the return.The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.(American football trainer Vince Lombardi)The more profound our distresses, the stronger well singLife is unadulterated experience, and the sooner we understand that, the speedier we will have the option to regard life as art.(Maya Angelou, Wouldnt Take Nothing for My Journey Now. Irregular House, 1993)The more we do, the more we can do; the more bustling we are, the more recreation we have.(William Hazlitt, The Spirit of the Age, 1825)The more established the men are here, the more probable it is that they are wearing suits and ties.(John McPhee, Giving Good Weight. Giving Good Weight. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1979)The more you fix your hold, Tarkin, the more star frameworks will sneak past your fingers.(Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars, 1977)The less we merit favorable luck, the more we trust in it.(Seneca)The more noteworthy your accomplishments, the less good your own and local life will be.(Saul Bellow, More Die of Heartbreak. William Morrow, 1987) The more you focus on the wealth of the world, the more you permit your enthusiasm to be consumed by things outside of you, the all the more fascinating an individual you will turn into. What's more, the more you focus on the world outside you, the more it gives back: by a sort of supernatural occurrence, it will end up being an all the more fascinating place.(Barbara Baig, How to Be a Writer: Building Your Creative Skills Through Practice and Play. Authors Digest Books, 2010) 'The More the Merrier' This development - schematically [the X-er the Y-er] - is ordinarily alluded to as the correlative development (Culicover 1999: 83-5); Culicover and Jackendoff 1999; Fillmore, Kay, and OConnor 1988). It passes on that any expansion (or diminishing) in the estimation of X is related with, and may even be interpreted as the reason for, an increment (or lessening) in the estimation of Y. An outstanding element of the development is the way that the word the which highlights in it's anything but a determiner and is hence not to be related to the unmistakable article the. A few launches of the development: (16a) The more I know the more I worry.(16b) The less they need to state the more they talk.(16c) The greater they are the harder they fall.(16d) The prior you start the more you chance you have of being successful.(16e) The greater the hazard the greater the payout.(16f) The less said the better. It is likewise important that in spite of the fact that the correlative development is exceptionally abnormal, given the general standards of English linguistic structure, it isn't completely secluded from the remainder of the language. There are, truth be told, many bipartite articulations in which the main component is introduced as the reason, precondition, or clarification for the second. Like the correlative development, these articulations come up short on a limited action word. Here are a few models: (17a) Garbage in, trash out.(17b) Out of the skillet (and) into the fire.(17c) Easy come, simple go.(17d) Cold hands, warm heart.(17e) Once chomped, twice shy.(17f) outside of anyone's ability to see, out of mind.(17g) Once a whinger, consistently a whinger.*(17h) One for me (and) one for you.(17i) First come, first served.(17j) Nothing wandered, nothing picked up. * This articulation launches the development [ONCE A N, ALWAYS A N]. Models from the BNC [British National Corpus] incorporate once a Catholic, consistently a Catholic; when a Russian, consistently a Russian; when a maverick, consistently a nonconformist; when a vendor, consistently a seller. The development passes on that an individual can't change their character or their settled in behaviour.(John R. Taylor, The Mental Corpus: How Language is Represented in the Mind. Oxford University Press, 2012) The . . . the (129) The more John eats the less he wants.This development . . . is made out of two expressions, every one of which communicates a similar. Both might be of the structure the more XP... , in which case the first is deciphered as a subordinate condition and the second as a primary provision. Or on the other hand, the main condition can just contain a near, for example John needs less, in which case the principal proviso is deciphered as the principle statement and the second is deciphered as a subordinate clause.Of specific pertinence to the current conversation is the way that the interior structure of the more . . . is sui generis, as in the student should basically procure the information that an outflow of this structure can be utilized in the manner that we have portrayed. As appeared by Culicover and Jackendoff (1998), the more capacities as an administrator that ties a variable, and the chain that is shaped is dependent upon the standard territory limitations. The structure th e more . . . must be introductory in the condition, and can't pied funnel a preposition...(Peter W. Culicover, Syntactic Nuts: Hard Cases, Syntactic Theory, and Language Acquisition. Oxford University Press, 1999) The Little Word 'the' (6) The more an understudy contemplates, the better evaluations she will receive.In English, both the principal expression and the subsequent expression mandatorily start with the little word the. The unsatisfactory quality of (7a) is because of the nonattendance of the in the principal proviso, in (7b) in the subsequent condition, in (7c), the nonappearance of the in the two statements obviously likewise brings about inadmissibility. (7a) * More an understudy examines, the better evaluations she will receive.(7b) * The more an understudy contemplates, better evaluations she will receive.(7c) * More an understudy considers, better evaluations she will get. (Ronald P. Leow, Little Words: Their History, Phonology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, and Acquisition. Georgetown University Press, 2009)

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College Board SAT Essay Samples - Are They Real?

College Board SAT Essay Samples - Are They Real?The College Board has recently released the SAT essay samples that have been composed by individuals who have actually taken the exam. Many of these people wrote their own essay after knowing the tests so well, it was hard for them to make any mistakes.It is now up to you to find out if the samples are real or not. These College Board essays will not work unless you make sure that they are written correctly and based on your real marks.There are many websites online where you can look up College Board essay samples and check the score and where you got your marks too. It is a good idea to get as many as you can because you will want a list of ones that are effective for you. You want to be able to choose the ones which are most suited to your essay.This type of material was used by everyone when they took the SAT as an assessment in their exam and there is no way that they could have changed it since they would have known about it. The SAT is designed to be as close to real life as possible and anyone taking it knew that this.The College Board is quite proud of all the different kinds of essay samples they have created over the years. They need all of the students who take the SAT to practice the essay format so that you can give a great performance and will not be caught out.When you come across the College Board SAT essay samples on the Internet or in the books, you need to double check to make sure that you are reading the sample right. Some are confusing as they say and have many spelling mistakes which could not be found on the actual SAT.Make sure that you read the samples through completely before actually writing anything down, especially if you do not know how to use the punctuation marks and what they mean. When you see a spelling mistake, use the internet and Google it before actually going ahead and using it.It is obvious that the College Board is very proud of their essays and would never have allowed any errors or mistakes to be found in the testing of the essays. However, they have allowed the students to come up with their own original variations and the resulting essay samples have been excellent for the student who uses them.

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Explorations of Astrology Free Essays

One of astrology’s first graces on human personalities was with the Babylonians and Ancient Egyptians, and afterward spread all through the Arab world. Since, there has been investigations of crystal gazing through original copies and heavenly articles made by Arab skilled workers. Numerous islamic elaborate themes and engineering references prophetic discoveries. We will compose a custom exposition test on Investigations of Astrology or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now The Islamic schedule says that the day starts at dusk and the five petitions start from that time. Altering times for petition became out of watching the sky, a training known since the old Egyptians and Babylonians. The Arabs, for a considerable length of time, contemplated the sky and inspected the gatherings of stars and periods of the moon on their long desert ventures. This instruction of room was adjusted and created to fit in with the act of Islam. During the medieval time of the Islamic world, the study of soothsaying as a branch from space science was made an interpretation of by the Greeks into Arabic, alongside Sasanian, Indian and old Egyptian impacts, permitting progressively logical and numerical advancement by mathematicians and researchers of the Arab world. The subject came to be a mainstream one, as it was looked into by researchers, for example, Abu Ma’shar al-Balkhi, al-Biruni, and Nasir al-Din al-Tusi. There is proof of this point being far reaching all through the Islamic world, for example, original copies and prophetic records found in al-Fustat in Egypt. Since there has demonstrated to be a lot of logical proof and inclusion in the investigation of the stars and planets, how did this episode of data in the Islamic world influence Islamic Art? Also, for what reason was it so significant?There is a lot of design, items and materials from the Islamic World that express the importance of this point, for example, Qusayr ‘Amra (figure 1) in Jordan, worked by Umayyad caliph Walid II in the mid eighth century, which includes a frescoed caldarium roof portraying the twelve Zodiac star groupings. The outside of the development is extremely insignificant; the main ornamentation being little vaults and triple curves. Something else, the ornamentation becomes hireling to the engineering. The methods that were contributed into developing Qusayr ‘Amra references the Roman and Byzantine procedures: predominately limestone and earthenware block, alongside different sorts of stones. The frescoed roofs in the caldarium, or the hot unclog shower, is said to be the soonest portrayal of the stars painted on a domed surface. It highlights 35 unmistakable heavenly bodies alongside, as referenced beforehand, twelve zodiacs. There has been accounted for to be one error: the request for the stars the counterclockwise way, which tells that it is conceivable that the fresco was duplicated from a level surface. This fresco, in any case, isn't the just one in Qusayr ‘Amra: there were numerous splendid paintings in a few of different chambers that propose that the caliphs of this â€Å"pleasure palace† carried on with a sumptuous way of life. This extravagance recounts an association in The utilization of symbolism comparable to crystal gazing started in the twelfth century, and inevitably taken in for its visual improving quality, by the Ghaznavids and the Seljuqs among others, and they embraced it with their own implications and impacts. The overlaid and over coated bowl (figure 2) delineates figures exceptionally near those of the Kashan. There is Kufic engravings around the edge of the bowl, and the point of convergence is the sun-formed face in the middle, with a traditional portrayal of the six planets encompassing it. There are pictures of figures sitting on honored positions, riding a horse, and playing instruments created in a spiral organization, following the type of the article. The main two situated figures on honored positions sit opposite one another on the band, with different figures encompassing it. This theme consolidates two distinct themes that are regular in Islamic workmanship together: the picture of figures performing exercises or in a scene portrayed midway to the article, as can be found in the Stain-and overglaze-painted bowl (Ettinghausen, Grabar, Jenkins-Madina, 175), for instance, and pictures of a solitary figure rehashed to make a visual example, as exhibited in the external edge of Glazed and radiance painted composite-bodied bowl (Ettinghausen, Grabar, Jenkins-Madina, 174). This illustrious bowl is fundamentally the same as the Stain-and overglaze-painted measuring utencil (Ettinghausen, Grabar, Jenkins-Madina, 176) in the way that it has various levels demonstrating various figures in real life rehashed over the band of the container. The copper-amalgam reflect (figure 3) is another imperial relic that uses the zodiacs as images of in tensity made for Artuqid ruler Artuq Shah. The substantial help winged animal in the focal point of the mirror Step by step instructions to refer to Explorations of Astrology, Papers

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What Makes Catawba College - 943 Words

Plenty of different factors effected my decision to come to Catawba. Everything in my life lead me up to this point. First being recruited and coming down to visit the team and watch them play were life deciding moments. Catawba will definitely help define who I am as a person and help me become a better one down the road. Socially, academically, and athletically I am sure Catawba College was the right choice. One thing I needed in my college of choice was that it had to be small because I knew I would be able to focus better. My first choice, Towson University, was a large school and all my friends currently go there, but God, and my perspicacious mother, clearly knew I should not go there because of the countless distractions that would have hindered my success. The small atmosphere of Catawba enabled them to have a family style relationship all around campus. I am used to this family style because it reminded me of my high school. Another reason I chose to enroll at Catawba was because of its six hour distance away from my home known as the DMV, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, area. I have been in that area all my life and living somewhere else for I think would be greatly beneficial to my development as a person and would broaden my perspective. The other aspect of moving away from where you have been all your life is that you have to leave behind all your family and friends and that is one of the hardest parts. However, you will have a newfound appreciation for them thatShow MoreRelatedCatawba1206 Words   |  5 Pages28, 1994 Catawba Industrial Company Marge McPhee, general manager of the compressor manufacturing department of Catawba Industrial Company, quickly spotted the reports that she had been waiting for in the pile of mail that had accumulated during her trip to a West Coast industrial equipment trade show. A sales forecast and a cost tabulation for a proposed new, light-weight compressor provided her with the information she needed to ascertain whether or not to introduce it, what volume to produceRead MoreCatawba Case1240 Words   |  5 Pages1994 Catawba Industrial Company op yo Marge McPhee, general manager of the compressor manufacturing department of Catawba Industrial Company, quickly spotted the reports that she had been waiting for in the pile of mail that had accumulated during her trip to a West Coast industrial equipment trade show. A sales forecast and a cost tabulation for a proposed new, light-weight compressor provided her with the information she needed to ascertain whether or not to introduce it, what volumeRead MorePerception of Others Essay844 Words   |  4 PagesDragons, yet for all I know this guy could be the best basketball player at Catawba. By his appearance I have already made assumptions about his lifestyle, or formed something referred to as Functional Association. After realizing the extent of judgement I cast on others, I began to contemplate if others would place me in certain stereotypes if I didn?t appear as I do; so, I decided to form my own experiment. I decided to make myself salient, or stand out, to better see my impressions on people. Read MoreGottiparthi Nitin. 700657173. Mis Final Exam. . . 1.With1501 Words   |  7 Pagesdoes as such by utilizing a mix of solar and geothermal energy, and in addition energy units that keep running on biogas. Apple spent more than $1 billion on its 183-section of data center campus in Maiden, a town of around 3,300 occupants in Catawba County in western North Carolina. The 505,000 square foot office (presented above) positions as one of the world s biggest server farms, however it s going to get greater. The organization as of late petitioned for a disintegration control allowRead MoreThe University Of North Carolina At Wilmington1315 Words   |  6 PagesStatistics show that after high school, many graduates tend to end their education. Many people do not choose to continue their education and attend college. My goal is to not be a part of this statistic. After I graduate from Wayne Early Middle College High School with my high school diploma and my two-year Associate in Science degree, I hope to transfer to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. According to newly released facts by the Business Journal, the University of North CarolinaRead MoreHate Crimes: Matthew Shepard1097 Words   |  5 PagesWyoming, October 7th 1998. Aaron Kriefels is cycling in a remote rural area when he sees what at first he believes to be a scarecrow tied to a fence. He looks closer and sees not a scarecrow, but a young man badly beaten and close to death. The victims name was Matthew Shepard. On Dec. 1st 1976, Matthew Shepard was born in Casper, Wyoming. He attended elementary school in the states, but after his first year in high school his family moved to Saudi Arabia. He then attended the American School inRead MoreSports Function Of The New Zealand1249 Words   |  5 Pages Just recently I have met a lot of new people here at Catawba College, and I have met people with different backgrounds, culture, norms, etc. I have already learned a lot from my new friend, Olivia from New Zealand. Whether it was trying a piece of gum back from her hometown or talking about the pronunciation of words and new phrases, I ve learned that we have lived two very different lives due to diff erences in our cultures. Kiwis (New Zealanders) consider sports to be crucial in their countryRead More`` Brothers Playing Catch With Sons `` By Donald Hall And This Is The Day By Tim Peeler1039 Words   |  5 Pagesthe ninth inning. When in this situation everyone is counting on you to make a big play, and that is a lot of pressure.If you don’t people are mad or disappointed in you, and it is hard to hold your head high after this. That is why he said, â€Å"We lose. I disappear. I change my name.† After he missed the two shots, he felt so bad that he decided to change his name, and to disappear. He did this because he could not bear to hear what people thought. The second poem I choose, â€Å"This is the Day† by Tim PeelerRead MoreModern Day Bullying And Its Effect On Education1415 Words   |  6 Pages Modern Day Bullying and Its Effect on Education Dominique Rollins Catawba College â€Æ' Modern Day Bullying and Its Effect on Education The current definition of a â€Å"bully,† is listed as â€Å"a blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker,† (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). Over the past 15 years, the term â€Å"bullying† has changed from a word that describes what was once perceived as children and teenagers making and playing harmless jokes and pranks on each otherRead MoreThomas Polk s County And The Founding And Progress Of Mecklenburg County Essay1584 Words   |  7 PagesPennsylvania, and then to Mecklenburg County in 1753. William died within the year, but he is responsible for planting the Polk family in what will later become Mecklenburg County. With a growing population in the backcountry of Anson County, Thomas Polk and the other settlers decided to establish a new county of their own. In between the Yadkin and Catawba Rivers was an Indian trading path, which is precisely where the new county would be founded in 1762. At this time, Thomas Polk was appointed

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Top Logical Fallacies Examples and Discussions

For those who need a little refresher, here are some of the most common informal logical fallacies.It may have happened to you while reading comments on a blog, watching a political commercial, or listening to a talking head on a chat show. A mental alarm goes off signaling that what youre reading, watching, or listening to is utter claptrap and twaddle. For me, the BS alert sounded when I ran across these random observations in the Vox Populi column of the local newspaper: Learning how to swim does not guarantee you wont drown. Im 55 years old, have never learned to swim and I havent drowned.We need to pass a law that stupid people are not allowed to own pets.Im aggravated with spaghetti sauce with vegetables. I love vegetables, but I dont want them in my spaghetti sauce. Wheres our freedom going?Regarding the person who had to tote stuff at Wal-Mart; tote? Carry. What is wrong with people? You dont tote stuff, you carry it.The English language is the only language that should be spoken in the open and none other. This is the United States of America.Those of us who are true taxpaying, working Americans need to stand up and demand that people should have certain education, I.Q. and income levels to be able to vote for president or any major political office.Anyone who thinks that interest in books is waning hasnt paid much attention. I love the show Face the Nation and they recently had eight authors on!Isnt it amazing that Savannah is ranked as 10 on Americas most snobbish city [list] and that 10 percent of Savannahs population are Yankees?Obama shouldnt go to Marthas Vineyard. Every time he does, something major happens. At these head-slapping moments, it may help to recall some of those informal logical fallacies that we once studied in school. At least then we can put a name to the nonsense. In case you need a little refresher, here are 12 common fallacies. For examples and detailed discussions, click on the highlighted terms. Ad HominemA personal attack: that is, an argument based on the perceived failings of an adversary rather than on the merits of the case.Ad MisericordiamAn argument that involves an irrelevant or highly exaggerated appeal to pity or sympathy.BandwagonAn argument based on the assumption that the opinion of the majority is always valid: everyone believes it, so you should too.Begging the QuestionA fallacy in which the premise of an argument presupposes the truth of its conclusion; in other words, the argument takes for granted what its supposed to prove. Also known as a circular argument.Dicto SimpliciterAn argument in which a general rule is treated as universally true regardless of the circumstances: a sweeping generalization.False DilemmaA fallacy of oversimplification: an argument in which only two alternatives are provided when in fact additional options are available. Sometimes called the either-or fallacy.Name CallingA fallacy that relies on emotionally loaded terms to influence an audience.Non SequiturAn argument in which a conclusion doesnt follow logically from what preceded it.Post HocA fallacy in which one event is said to be the cause of a later event simply because it occurred earlier.Red HerringAn observation that draws attention away from the central issue in an argument or discussion.Stacking the DeckA fallacy in which any evidence that supports an opposing argument is simply rejected, omitted, or ignored.Straw ManA fallacy in which an opponents argument is overstated or misrepresented in order to be more easily attacked or refuted.

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Horrors of Animal Research, Testing, and Experimentation...

The Horrors of Animal Testing The torture and murder of millions of animals annually has been occurring for centuries now. Every year we ignore it, and every year the numbers grow. The act of vivisection or the practice of experimenting on animals began because of religious prohibitions against dissection of human corpses. After religious leaders lifted these prohibitions, it was too late. Vivisection had become a major part of medical and educational research. As well as major part of product testing in many companies. Experimenting and testing on animals is morally wrong because, it is inhumane and torturous. We, as a country, should not condone cruelty to animals. Why is it a person can be charged with a crime for not feeding†¦show more content†¦The number of animals tortured and killed annually in United States laboratories varies from seventeen to seventy million. These numbers come from the Animal Welfare Act, which requires the report of animals used in experiments. But, this act does not cover m ice, rats, and birds. These are the animals used in 80-90% of all experiments. Because these animals are not covered by the act, they remain unaccounted for. We can only imagine how many animals actually suffer and die each year. The three most prevalent uses for animals in testing are for medical purposes, product testing for companies, and educational purposes. Testing for medical purposes has been ongoing for several years. In fact, The National Institutes of Health in the United States is the largest funder of animal experiments. It uses seven billion tax dollars in grants annually, of which about five billion goes toward studies involving animals. The Department of Defense spent about 180 million on experiments using 553,000 animals in 1993. Examples of these torturous taxpayer funded experiments at military facilities include wound experiments, radiation experiments, studies on the effects of chemical warfare, and other deadly and maiming procedures. An example of how our money and animals lives are wasted is the AIDS experiments on chimpanzees. Animal experiments are not useful in how AIDS affects or infects humans. Even when injected with the AIDS virus chimpanzeesShow MoreRelatedAnimal Experimentatio n Essay812 Words   |  4 Pagespeople have been using animal experimentation to create new ways to help save the human race. There are people who believe that it does help, and that it is necessary to continue, while others oppose and want to fight for the elimination of animal experimentation. Scientists fight for the cures needed to help man kind, but struggle to do so as people fight against their work in progress. But as Jennifer A. Hurley stated, â€Å"History has already shown that animal experimentation is not essential to medicalRead MoreAnimal Testing Is Morally Wrong? Essay1373 Words   |  6 PagesHumans are animals, and as such it is morally wrong to use them to test pharmaceuticals intended for use by humans. Those who support animal experimentation believe it is a necessary evil, in part due to the false information put out by the media. The so-called benefits of animal testing have not helped humans for years, yet in many countries the law still requires research ers use animals to test their medications. In fact, although alternatives have been found, few steps have been taken to put anRead MoreAnimal Testing Is Bad Science1343 Words   |  6 PagesAnimals very rarely serve as models for the human body. Many people are brought up with the idea that animal experimentation is necessary to insure the safety of humans, but in reality, these experiments are creating only harm to animals. Animals have done nothing to deserve this backlash, and by educating the public on the true unsuccessfulness of animal testing, the ethical side is forced out in the open. The argument ‘Animal Testing is Bad Science’ by the People for The Ethical Treatment of AnimalsRead MoreAnimal Testing Is Morally Wrong? Essay1305 Words   |  6 PagesSeeing as humans are animals it is morally wrong to use animals to test human products. Due to the false information put out by the media, those who support animal believe what the media states about it being a ne cessary evil. The so-called benefits from animal testing have not helped humans for years, but is now legally required in many countries. Although alternatives have been found, few steps have been taken to put an end to animal experimentation. The way activists present their argument isRead MoreAnimal Experimentation Is Unnecessary and Cruel Essay946 Words   |  4 Pagesmillions of animals suffer through painful and unnecessary tests. Animals in laboratories all over the world live lives of deprivation, pain, isolation, and torture. Even though vast studies show that animal experimentation often lacks validity, leading to harmful human reactions, we still continue to use this method of experimentation, while many other less-expensive and more beneficial alternatives exist. Going beyond the issue of animal experimentation being morally wrong, this form of research is alsoRead MoreVivisection Essay example1710 Words   |  7 PagesEvery year in the USA about 70 million animals are experimented on (Monamy 34). Almost all these animals are euthanized after they are no longer needed. But I’m not going to focus on the moral aspect of this subject because that would be a never ending argument of opinions. After doing research I found that there are more important reasons why this practice should be modified. Our government’s dependence on vivisection should be toned down or totally replaced because it is misleading, its faultyRead MoreAnimal Testing Is An Act Of Animal Cruelty952 Words   |  4 Pagesmillions of animals are stuck inside cold, locked cages in laboratories across the country. They dwindle in pain, throb with loneliness, and yearn to roam free and use their own minds. Instead, all they do is lie and wait in despair for the next terrifying and agonizing operation that is to be performed on them. They shudder and wince in fear whenever someone walks past their cage. After surviving lives of pain, isolation, and horror, near to all of t hem will be killed. Although animal testing bringsRead MoreEssay On Animal Rights7500 Words   |  30 PagesNellon 2 October, 2017 The Fight for Animal Rights There is a problem that plagues America, a problem which you are the judge, in which you decide whether to give the helpless victims a life or pain and misery or provide them with a long happy life. This problem is animal cruelty. Animal cruelty as many of us know is the mistreatment of the animals, and can also be categorized as animal abuse or animal neglect. But what most of us don’t know is just how common animal cruelty takes place and affectsRead MoreAnimal Experimentation : Imagine An Innocent, Adorable Rabbit2048 Words   |  9 PagesEmma Knorr English 151 September 13, 2014 Animal Experimentation Imagine an innocent, adorable rabbit. This rabbit is contained in a cage so small that he cannot turn around or sitdown. There is a burning sensation in his eye so painful that he can barely stand it, but he cannot reach it because his legs are bound in the cage. He is fed minimal amounts of food and given barely enough water to survive. With his good eye he can see dozens of rabbits around him stuck in the same situation. Read MorePersuasive Essay On Animal Testing1521 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion animals are killed each year in the name of animal testing. Now as some might say that sacrifice is needed for the common good, it is safe to say that animal testing may be taking it over the top to get such test results for the common good. Animal testing has been a common practice for many years to get results and side effects for food, drugs, pesticides, beauty products, and just about everything one uses in an average day. But now, in the modern world where ethics and animals rig hts

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Sedimentary Rocks 5

Sedimentary Rocks 5-3 Question Answer What is the order that sedimentary rocks form. Compaction, Erosion, Cementation, Deposition. The order that sedimentary rock forms is: Erosion; Deposition; Compaction; Cementation. What is erosion? Wind or Rain wash away soil, sand or wears down rocks. What is Deposition? When wind or rain slows down the particles that wear away settle and build up. They get deposited in one location and build up. What is Compaction? It is when layers and layers of particles build up and over time become compacted by the weight of the layers. What is cementation? cementation is when dissolved minerals crystallize and glue the particles together. What is Clastic Rock? Clastic rock sedimentary roc that forms when rock fragments are squeezed together. What are examples of clastic rock? Clastic rock examples are sandstone, conglomerate rock, limestone made of dissolved calcite, Breccia Rock or shale. What is Organic Rock? Organic rock is sedimentary rock that forms from the remains of plants and animals. What are examples of Organic rock? Organic rock examples are: Limestone made form seashells, coal. What is Chemical Rock? Chemical rock is sedimentary rock that forms when minerals dissolved in a solution crystallize. What are examples of Chemical Rock? Chemical rock examples are rock salt or gypsum. What does erosion mean? Erosion is the process in which water or wind loosen and carry away rock fragments. What is clastic rock? Clastic rock is sedimentary rock that forms when rock fragments are squeezed together. What is sediment? Sediment are small, solid pieces of material from rocks or living things. What is cementation?(Hint: Cement) cementation is the process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue sediments together. What is organic rock? Organic rock is sedimentary rock that forms from the remains of plants and animals. What is compaction? Compaction is the process that presses sediment together. What is a chemical rock? A chemical rock is made up of sedimentary rock that forms when minerals dissolved in a s solution crystallize. What is Deposition? Deposition is the process by which sediment settles out of wind or water.